A hand-picked and up to date collection of Requests for Comments (RFCs) related to the Domain Name System.

For the relationships between the RFCs, please check the diagram of the descent of DNS RFCs.

9471DNS Glue Requirements in Referral ResponsesSeptember 2023
9432DNS Catalog ZonesJuly 2023
9364DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)February 2023
9276Guidance for NSEC3 Parameter SettingsAugust 2022
9267Common Implementation Anti-Patterns Related to Domain Name System (DNS) Resource Record (RR) ProcessingJuly 2022
9250DNS over Dedicated QUIC ConnectionsMay 2022
9230Oblivious DNS over HTTPSJune 2022
9210DNS Transport over TCP - Operational RequirementsMarch 2022
9199Considerations for Large Authoritative DNS Server OperatorsMarch 2022
9157Revised IANA Considerations for DNSSECDecember 2021
9156DNS Query Name Minimisation to Improve PrivacyNovember 2021
9120Nameservers for the Address and Routing Parameter Area ("arpa") DomainOctober 2021
9108YANG Types for DNS Classes and Resource Record TypesSeptember 2021
9103DNS Zone Transfer over TLSAugust 2021
9102TLS DNSSEC Chain ExtensionAugust 2021
9077NSEC and NSEC3: TTLs and Aggressive UseJuly 2021
9076DNS Privacy ConsiderationsJuly 2021
9018Interoperable Domain Name System (DNS) Server CookiesApril 2021
8976Message Digest for DNS ZonesFebruary 2021
8945Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (TSIG)November 2020
8932Recommendations for DNS Privacy Service OperatorsOctober 2020
8914Extended DNS ErrorsOctober 2020
8906A Common Operational Problem in DNS Servers: Failure to CommunicateSeptember 2020
8901Multi-Signer DNSSEC ModelsSeptember 2020
8882DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) Privacy and Security RequirementsSeptember 2020
8880Special Use Domain Name 'ipv4only.arpa'August 2020
8806Running a Root Server Local to a ResolverJune 2020
8777DNS Reverse IP Automatic Multicast Tunneling (AMT) DiscoveryApril 2020
8767Serving Stale Data to Improve DNS ResiliencyMarch 2020
8749Moving DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) to Historic StatusMarch 2020
8659DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) Resource RecordNovember 2019
8624Algorithm Implementation Requirements and Usage Guidance for DNSSECJune 2019
8618Compacted-DNS (C-DNS): A Format for DNS Packet CaptureSeptember 2019
8598Split DNS Configuration for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)May 2019
8567Customer Management DNS Resource RecordsApril 2019
8553DNS Attrleaf Changes: Fixing Specifications That Use Underscored Node NamesMarch 2019
8552Scoped Interpretation of DNS Resource Records through "Underscored" Naming of Attribute LeavesMarch 2019
8509A Root Key Trust Anchor Sentinel for DNSSECDecember 2018
8501Reverse DNS in IPv6 for Internet Service ProvidersNovember 2018
8499DNS TerminologyJanuary 2019
8490DNS Stateful OperationsMarch 2019
8484DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH)October 2018
8483Yeti DNS TestbedOctober 2018
8482Providing Minimal-Sized Responses to DNS Queries That Have QTYPE=ANYJanuary 2019
8467Padding Policies for Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0))October 2018
8427Representing DNS Messages in JSONJuly 2018
8375Special-Use Domain 'home.arpa.'May 2018
8324DNS Privacy, Authorization, Special Uses, Encoding, Characters, Matching, and Root Structure: Time for Another Look?February 2018
8310Usage Profiles for DNS over TLS and DNS over DTLSMarch 2018
8222Selecting Labels for Use with Conventional DNS and Other Resolution Systems in DNS-Based Service DiscoverySeptember 2017
8198Aggressive Use of DNSSEC-Validated CacheJuly 2017
8162Using Secure DNS to Associate Certificates with Domain Names for S/MIMEMay 2017
8145Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge in DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)April 2017
8109Initializing a DNS Resolver with Priming QueriesMarch 2017
8106IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS ConfigurationMarch 2017
8094DNS over Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)February 2017
8080Edwards-Curve Digital Security Algorithm (EdDSA) for DNSSECFebruary 2017
8078Managing DS Records from the Parent via CDS/CDNSKEYMarch 2017
8027DNSSEC Roadblock AvoidanceNovember 2016
8020NXDOMAIN: There Really Is Nothing UnderneathNovember 2016
8005Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Domain Name System (DNS) ExtensionOctober 2016
7958DNSSEC Trust Anchor Publication for the Root ZoneAugust 2016
7929DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) Bindings for OpenPGPAugust 2016
7901CHAIN Query Requests in DNSJune 2016
7873Domain Name System (DNS) CookiesMay 2016
7871Client Subnet in DNS QueriesMay 2016
7858Specification for DNS over Transport Layer Security (TLS)May 2016
7830The EDNS(0) Padding OptionMay 2016
7828The edns-tcp-keepalive EDNS0 OptionApril 2016
7816DNS Query Name Minimisation to Improve PrivacyMarch 2016
7793Adding Prefixes to the IPv4 Locally-Served DNS Zones RegistryMay 2016
7766DNS Transport over TCP - Implementation RequirementsMarch 2016
7745XML Schemas for Reverse DNS ManagementJanuary 2016
7720DNS Root Name Service Protocol and Deployment RequirementsDecember 2015
7719DNS TerminologyDecember 2015
7673Using DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) TLSA Records with SRV RecordsOctober 2015
7671The DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) Protocol: Updates and Operational GuidanceOctober 2015
7646Definition and Use of DNSSEC Negative Trust AnchorsSeptember 2015
7583DNSSEC Key Rollover Timing ConsiderationsOctober 2015
7558Requirements for Scalable DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) / Multicast DNS (mDNS) ExtensionsJuly 2015
7553The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) DNS Resource RecordJune 2015
7535AS112 Redirection Using DNAMEMay 2015
7534AS112 Nameserver OperationsMay 2015
7479Using Ed25519 in SSHFP Resource RecordsMarch 2015
7477Child-to-Parent Synchronization in DNSMarch 2015
7393Using the Port Control Protocol (PCP) to Update Dynamic DNSNovember 2014
7344Automating DNSSEC Delegation Trust MaintenanceSeptember 2014
7314Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS) EXPIRE OptionJuly 2014
7304A Method for Mitigating Namespace CollisionsJuly 2014
7218Adding Acronyms to Simplify Conversations about DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)April 2014
7129Authenticated Denial of Existence in the DNSFebruary 2014
7108A Summary of Various Mechanisms Deployed at L-Root for the Identification of Anycast NodesJanuary 2014
7085Top-Level Domains That Are Already DotlessDecember 2013
7043Resource Records for EUI-48 and EUI-64 Addresses in the DNSOctober 2013
6975Signaling Cryptographic Algorithm Understanding in DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)July 2013
6950Architectural Considerations on Application Features in the DNSOctober 2013
6927Variants in Second-Level Names Registered in Top-Level DomainsMay 2013
6912Principles for Unicode Code Point Inclusion in Labels in the DNSApril 2013
6895Domain Name System (DNS) IANA ConsiderationsApril 2013
6891Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0))April 2013
6841A Framework for DNSSEC Policies and DNSSEC Practice StatementsJanuary 2013
6840Clarifications and Implementation Notes for DNS Security (DNSSEC)February 2013
6804Supporting Multicast DNS QueriesNovember 2012
6781DNSSEC Operational Practices, Version 2December 2012
6763DNS-Based Service DiscoveryFebruary 2013
6762Multicast DNSFebruary 2013
6742DNS Resource Records for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP)November 2012
6731Improved Recursive DNS Server Selection for Multi-Interfaced NodesDecember 2012
6725DNS Security (DNSSEC) DNSKEY Algorithm IANA Registry UpdatesAugust 2012
6698The DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol: TLSAAugust 2012
6672DNAME Redirection in the DNSJune 2012
6641Using DNS SRV to Specify a Global File Namespace with NFS Version 4June 2012
6605Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) for DNSSECApril 2012
6604xNAME RCODE and Status Bits ClarificationApril 2012
6594Use of the SHA-256 Algorithm with RSA, Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA), and Elliptic Curve DSA (ECDSA) in SSHFP Resource RecordsApril 2012
6563Moving A6 to Historic StatusMarch 2012
6471Overview of Best Email DNS-Based List (DNSBL) Operational PracticesJanuary 2012
6452The Unicode Code Points and Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA) - Unicode 6.0November 2011
6394Use Cases and Requirements for DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)October 2011
6303Locally Served DNS ZonesJuly 2011
6186Use of SRV Records for Locating Email Submission/Access ServicesMarch 2011
6168Requirements for Management of Name Servers for the DNSMay 2011
6147DNS64: DNS Extensions for Network Address Translation from IPv6 Clients to IPv4 ServersApril 2011
6118Update of Legacy IANA Registrations of EnumservicesMarch 2011
6117IANA Registration of Enumservices: Guide, Template, and IANA ConsiderationsMarch 2011
6116The E.164 to Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Application (ENUM)March 2011
6055IAB Thoughts on Encodings for Internationalized Domain NamesFebruary 2011
6014Cryptographic Algorithm Identifier Allocation for DNSSECNovember 2010
5992Internationalized Domain Names Registration and Administration Guidelines for European Languages Using CyrillicOctober 2010
5936DNS Zone Transfer Protocol (AXFR)June 2010
5933Use of GOST Signature Algorithms in DNSKEY and RRSIG Resource Records for DNSSECJuly 2010
5910Domain Name System (DNS) Security Extensions Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)May 2010
5895Mapping Characters for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) 2008September 2010
5894Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA): Background, Explanation, and RationaleAugust 2010
5893Right-to-Left Scripts for Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)August 2010
5892The Unicode Code Points and Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)August 2010
5891Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA): ProtocolAugust 2010
5890Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA): Definitions and Document FrameworkAugust 2010
5864DNS SRV Resource Records for AFSApril 2010
5855Nameservers for IPv4 and IPv6 Reverse ZonesMay 2010
5782DNS Blacklists and WhitelistsFebruary 2010
5731Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Domain Name MappingAugust 2009
5702Use of SHA-2 Algorithms with RSA in DNSKEY and RRSIG Resource Records for DNSSECOctober 2009
5679Locating IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services Using DNSDecember 2009
5625DNS Proxy Implementation GuidelinesAugust 2009
5564Linguistic Guidelines for the Use of the Arabic Language in Internet DomainsFebruary 2010
5526The E.164 to Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Application for Infrastructure ENUMApril 2009
5507Design Choices When Expanding the DNSApril 2009
5452Measures for Making DNS More Resilient against Forged AnswersJanuary 2009
5358Preventing Use of Recursive Nameservers in Reflector AttacksOctober 2008
51586to4 Reverse DNS Delegation SpecificationMarch 2008
5155DNS Security (DNSSEC) Hashed Authenticated Denial of ExistenceMarch 2008
5144A Domain Availability Check (DCHK) Registry Type for the Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS)February 2008
5076ENUM Validation Information Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning ProtocolDecember 2007
5074DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV)November 2007
5011Automated Updates of DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust AnchorsSeptember 2007
5001DNS Name Server Identifier (NSID) OptionAugust 2007
4986Requirements Related to DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust Anchor RolloverAugust 2007
4956DNS Security (DNSSEC) Opt-InJuly 2007
4955DNS Security (DNSSEC) ExperimentsJuly 2007
4892Requirements for a Mechanism Identifying a Name Server InstanceJune 2007
4848Domain-Based Application Service Location Using URIs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS)April 2007
4713Registration and Administration Recommendations for Chinese Domain NamesOctober 2006
4701A DNS Resource Record (RR) for Encoding Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Information (DHCID RR)October 2006
4698An Address Registry (areg) Type for the Internet Registry Information ServiceOctober 2006
4697Observed DNS Resolution MisbehaviorOctober 2006
4690Review and Recommendations for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)September 2006
4592The Role of Wildcards in the Domain Name SystemJuly 2006
4509Use of SHA-256 in DNSSEC Delegation Signer (DS) Resource Records (RRs)May 2006
4501Domain Name System Uniform Resource IdentifiersMay 2006
4472Operational Considerations and Issues with IPv6 DNSApril 2006
4471Derivation of DNS Name Predecessor and SuccessorSeptember 2006
4470Minimally Covering NSEC Records and DNSSEC On-line SigningApril 2006
4431The DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) DNS Resource RecordFebruary 2006
4408Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for Authorizing Use of Domains in E-Mail, Version 1 April 2006
4398Storing Certificates in the Domain Name System (DNS)March 2006
4367What's in a Name: False Assumptions about DNS NamesFebruary 2006
4355IANA Registration for Enumservices email, fax, mms, ems, and smsJanuary 2006
4343Domain Name System (DNS) Case Insensitivity ClarificationJanuary 2006
4339IPv6 Host Configuration of DNS Server Information ApproachesFebruary 2006
4290Suggested Practices for Registration of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)December 2005
4255Using DNS to Securely Publish Secure Shell (SSH) Key FingerprintsJanuary 2006
4185National and Local Characters for DNS Top Level Domain (TLD) NamesOctober 2005
4183A Suggested Scheme for DNS Resolution of Networks and GatewaysSeptember 2005
4159Deprecation of ip6.intAugust 2005
4143Facsimile Using Internet Mail (IFAX) Service of ENUMNovember 2005
4114E.164 Number Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)June 2005
4074Common Misbehavior Against DNS Queries for IPv6 AddressesMay 2005
4035Protocol Modifications for the DNS Security ExtensionsMarch 2005
4034Resource Records for the DNS Security ExtensionsMarch 2005
4033DNS Security Introduction and RequirementsMarch 2005
4027Domain Name System Media TypesApril 2005
4025A Method for Storing IPsec Keying Material in DNSMarch 2005
3982IRIS: A Domain Registry (dreg) Type for the Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS)January 2005
3958Domain-Based Application Service Location Using SRV RRs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS)January 2005
3915Domain Registry Grace Period Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)September 2004
3901DNS IPv6 Transport Operational GuidelinesSeptember 2004
3833Threat Analysis of the Domain Name System (DNS)August 2004
3832Remote Service Discovery in the Service Location Protocol (SLP) via DNS SRVJuly 2004
3743Joint Engineering Team (JET) Guidelines for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Registration and Administration for Chinese, Japanese, and KoreanApril 2004
3707Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol (CRISP) RequirementsFebruary 2004
3696Application Techniques for Checking and Transformation of NamesFebruary 2004
3681Delegation of E.F.F.3.IP6.ARPAJanuary 2004
3675.sex Considered DangerousFebruary 2004
3663Domain Administrative Data in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)December 2003
3646DNS Configuration options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6)December 2003
3645Generic Security Service Algorithm for Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (GSS-TSIG)October 2003
3632VeriSign Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 2.0.0November 2003
3597Handling of Unknown DNS Resource Record (RR) TypesSeptember 2003
3596DNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6October 2003
3492Punycode: A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)March 2003
3467Role of the Domain Name System (DNS)February 2003
3425Obsoleting IQUERYNovember 2002
3405Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Five: URI.ARPA Assignment ProceduresOctober 2002
3404Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Four: The Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)October 2002
3403Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Three: The Domain Name System (DNS) DatabaseOctober 2002
3402Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Two: The AlgorithmOctober 2002
3401Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part One: The Comprehensive DDDSOctober 2002
3397Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Domain Search OptionNovember 2002
3375Generic Registry-Registrar Protocol RequirementsSeptember 2002
3364Tradeoffs in Domain Name System (DNS) Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)August 2002
3363Representing Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Addresses in the Domain Name System (DNS)August 2002
3258Distributing Authoritative Name Servers via Shared Unicast AddressesApril 2002
3226DNSSEC and IPv6 A6 aware server/resolver message size requirementsDecember 2001
3225Indicating Resolver Support of DNSSECDecember 2001
3197Applicability Statement for DNS MIB ExtensionsNovember 2001
3172Management Guidelines & Operational Requirements for the Address and Routing Parameter Area Domain (arpa)September 2001
3130Notes from the State-Of-The-Technology: DNSSECJune 2001
3123A DNS RR Type for Lists of Address Prefixes (APL RR)June 2001
3110RSA/SHA-1 SIGs and RSA KEYs in the Domain Name System (DNS)May 2001
3071Reflections on the DNS, RFC 1591, and Categories of DomainsFebruary 2001
3026Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUMJanuary 2001
3007Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Dynamic UpdateNovember 2000
2931DNS Request and Transaction Signatures ( SIG(0)s )September 2000
2930Secret Key Establishment for DNS (TKEY RR)September 2000
2915The Naming Authority Pointer (NAPTR) DNS Resource RecordSeptember 2000
2874DNS Extensions to Support IPv6 Address Aggregation and RenumberingJuly 2000
2832NSI Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 1.1.0May 2000
2826IAB Technical Comment on the Unique DNS RootMay 2000
2825A Tangled Web: Issues of I18N, Domain Names, and the Other Internet protocolsMay 2000
2782A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV)February 2000
2694DNS extensions to Network Address Translators (DNS_ALG)September 1999
2606Reserved Top Level DNS NamesJune 1999
2540Detached Domain Name System (DNS) InformationMarch 1999
2539Storage of Diffie-Hellman Keys in the Domain Name System (DNS)March 1999
2536DSA KEYs and SIGs in the Domain Name System (DNS)March 1999
2517Building Directories from DNS: Experiences from WWWSeekerFebruary 1999
2352A Convention For Using Legal Names as Domain NamesMay 1998
2345Domain Names and Company Name RetrievalMay 1998
2317Classless IN-ADDR.ARPA delegationMarch 1998
2308Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS NCACHE)March 1998
2230Key Exchange Delegation Record for the DNSNovember 1997
2219Use of DNS Aliases for Network ServicesOctober 1997
2182Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS ServersJuly 1997
2181Clarifications to the DNS SpecificationJuly 1997
2163Using the Internet DNS to Distribute MIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping (MCGAM)January 1998
2146U.S. Government Internet Domain NamesMay 1997
2136Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System (DNS UPDATE)April 1997
2053The AM (Armenia) DomainOctober 1996
1996A Mechanism for Prompt Notification of Zone Changes (DNS NOTIFY)August 1996
1995Incremental Zone Transfer in DNSAugust 1996
1982Serial Number ArithmeticAugust 1996
1956Registration in the MIL DomainJune 1996
1912Common DNS Operational and Configuration ErrorsFebruary 1996
1876A Means for Expressing Location Information in the Domain Name SystemJanuary 1996
1794DNS Support for Load BalancingApril 1995
1788ICMP Domain Name MessagesApril 1995
1713Tools for DNS debuggingNovember 1994
1712DNS Encoding of Geographical LocationNovember 1994
1706DNS NSAP Resource RecordsOctober 1994
1612DNS Resolver MIB ExtensionsMay 1994
1611DNS Server MIB ExtensionsMay 1994
1591Domain Name System Structure and DelegationMarch 1994
1536Common DNS Implementation Errors and Suggested FixesOctober 1993
1535A Security Problem and Proposed Correction With Widely Deployed DNS SoftwareOctober 1993
1480The US DomainJune 1993
1464Using the Domain Name System To Store Arbitrary String AttributesMay 1993
1401Correspondence between the IAB and DISA on the use of DNSJanuary 1993
1394Relationship of Telex Answerback Codes to Internet DomainsJanuary 1993
1383An Experiment in DNS Based IP RoutingDecember 1992
1279X.500 and DomainsNovember 1991
1183New DNS RR DefinitionsOctober 1990
1101DNS encoding of network names and other typesApril 1989
1035Domain names - implementation and specificationNovember 1987
1034Domain names - concepts and facilitiesNovember 1987
1033Domain Administrators Operations GuideNovember 1987
1032Domain administrators guideNovember 1987
1031MILNET name domain transitionNovember 1987
0974Mail routing and the domain systemJanuary 1986
0952DoD Internet host table specificationOctober 1985
0921Domain name system implementation scheduleOctober 1984
0920Domain requirementsOctober 1984
0897Domain name system implementation scheduleFebruary 1984
0881Domain names plan and scheduleNovember 1983
0819Domain naming convention for Internet user applicationsAugust 1982
0799Internet name domainsSeptember 1981